Can upbringing and education be in a state of conflict despite the fact that they are usually seen as intertwined, mutually adjusted and complementary? Why should we even pose this question? Why is it the case that even though we put so much effort into raising and educating our children, even though we reflect so carefully on how to educate them as professionals, we still have to search for better solutions and try to eliminate, ameliorate the selfish and self-indulgent practices that simply fail to teach our children, as well as adults, to be caring and full of understanding for the other, the different, the similar which can never be identical? Who am I similar to, who am I different from and whom do I recognize myself in?

Mind the Gap(s) : family, socialization and gender

Mind the Gap(s) : family, socialization and gender Edited by Tamara Petrović-Trifunović, Sanja Milutinović Bojanić, Gazela Pudar Draško

From “Gender Studies” to Gender IN Studies

From “Gender Studies” to Gender IN Studies: Towards a Gender Inclusive Curriculum in Higher Education  Edited by Laura


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