Center for Ethics, Law and Applied Philosophy is a host organization for the Roma Placement Program


Center for Ethics, Law and Applied Philosophy (CELAP) is the partner of the Center for Policy Studies (CPS) within Central European University (CEU) in the Roma Placement Program. The program is intended to help young Roma MA and PhD graduates to build their professional skills and promote their engagement in public affairs in different CSOs in Serbia and Macedonia. The Roma Placement Program is financially supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (USA).

In the process of identifying beneficiaries a call was announced separately for the hosting organizations and for the Roma graduates. The candidates were carefully reviewed and the applications of various organizations were considered in the matchmaking process. In this process, CELAP was selected as an organization that fulfills the needs for creating a good working environment for the selected Roma candidate. The memorandum of understanding between CELAP and the CEU was jointly formulated. As a host organization, CELAP is compensated for being the full employment host for the selected employee.

CELAP is currently hosting one young Roma professional, Sanela Bahtijarevic, as a part of the regular staff. Sanela is working as a junior researcher in the organization’s ongoing projects . The employment started at the beginning of May 2015. Sanela graduated international relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University in Belgrade and she had previous volunteering experience in organizations dealing with Roma rights.

During these several months Sanela has been mentored by the selected members of the hosting organization and provided with training and support during the employment.

As a participating partner organization of the Roma Placement Program, CELAP is committed to developing the culture for an equality and diversity conscious employment and working environment, with special respect to gender and ethnicity. Also, CELAP is dedicated to providing help and integrating into the mainstream social affairs and institutions the young Roma professional.