Two-year cooperation with International Centre for Policy Advocacy ICPA has its final result in a joint organization of the photo exhibition “Out of Sight: Poverty, Rurality, Gender” in Berlin. Photographs were exhibited at Südost Europa Kultur e.V. from 8th of December 2016 to 2nd of February 2017.
The exhibition was opened by the Heinrich Boll Stiftungrepresentative Joanna Barelkowska talking about their professional experience in this topic area. She concluded her presentation by telling why she thinks that there are no people present on the photographs, underlining the “out of sight” meaning of the exhibition title, i.e. isolation of women in rural areas.
CELAP’s representatives, Sanja Milutinović Bojanić and Jelena Ćeriman, together with the Eoin Young, representative of ICPA, also discussed with the audience the meaning of the exhibited photographs and their views on the subject matter.
The exhibition itself served for the exchange of experiences on practices of developed countries of the EU in terms of social security of its citizens. We believe that it can be challenging context and that practical experiences can be used as a starting point in the process of policy dialogue in Serbia.
The entire event was recorded and we are planning to make a documentary film about the travelling of the ehxibition. Film will problematize intersectionality of poverty, rurality and gender and question possibilities for the improvements of the social protection systems. The film is going to be available in online media.