Project “Out of Sight: Poverty, Rurality, Gender” was presented in Tirana on 21st November 2016 in the “Multimedia Hall” of European University of Tirana.  The latest issue of POETEKA magazine brings the text of Jelena Ćeriman, Project Coordinator, talking about the stories behind the photo exhibition. The text is based on parts of the interviews with girls and women, their photos, as well as researcher’s diaries from Kosovo* and Serbia, striving to involve the audience with problems of girls and women in these societies. The text underlined intersectionality of poverty, rurality and gender, emphasizing the value of telling stories through personal voices of women and girls, along with their own visuals representation of their life experiences.

During the presentation, Jelena Ćeriman stressed that documentary approach could be the right starting point for a process of policy dialogue in our region, bringing greater institutional and human support in working on these issues. University professors, writers, journalists, students of humanities, visual arts and cinematography and members of the cultural network “Poeteka” attended the event. The press shed the light to the event by publishing an article in the daily newspaper “Mapo”, entitled “Urat drejt ‘lëndës së errët’” (Bridges to the “dark matter”), as well as in the “Gazetashqiptare” newspaper.

Video from Tirana can be found at: